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Should you get your new home built on-site or in a factory? Depending on your design, a traditional home (stick-built) construction project might be more affordable. The team at KTM Modulars in Laconia, NH can give you a quote for a modular home vs. stick-built home upfront so you can decide for yourself.

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Comparing modular and stick-built homes

Comparing modular and stick-built homes

Modular homes are built off-site, while traditional homes are built stick-by-stick on the lot. People's preferences for modular homes vs. stick-built homes comes down to several factors, including...

Time: Modular home builders have streamlined the construction process by assembling units in factories. Stick-built construction projects can be delayed due to bad weather.
Materials: Modular home builders use prefabricated materials. Traditional home builders use lumber.
Design preferences: Modular homes are best for simpler designs, while stick-built homes can be fully customized.

If you're interested in starting a modular or stick-built construction project in the Laconia, Gilford, Gilmanton, Meredith or Tilton, NH area, contact KTM Modulars now for pricing information.