Modular Home Building Cost Estimates

Estimates Only - Your Costs Will Vary

The following information is provided as an example only - your costs will vary. Please obtain bids from qualified subcontractors. Building costs will vary depending upon your building lot, the size and style of house, and the degree to which homeowner chooses to participate in completing work. The only way to estimate your costs is to obtain quotes from qualified subcontractors. We strongly recommend that you budget money for unexpected expenses.

Site Engineering and Excavation

Dig test pits, design septic system, submit plans to State of New Hampshire for approval

Performing the necessary excavation for the new house - $35,000

Building Permit

Obtain building permit from town/city. Impact fees may apply. - $1,000.00


Excavation for foundation, build driveway, install septic system, grade disturbed areas, spread loam.

Cities may charge additional fees for hook-up to city sewerage system. - $40,000.00


Set the forms with a crane, pouring the footings and the walls and basement floor*.

*pouring the basement floor is a separate job often performed by a different subcontractor.- $20,000


We will drill a well to 400' and will install pump and pressure tank. We will bring water line into basement

The cost of drilling a well can vary--allow for extra expenses for deep wells and/or hydrofracking.
Please note that your city or town may charge a fee to hook-up to their water system. - $10,000.00

Plumbing & Heating Hookup

Hookup gas or oil fired boiler (provided by your plumber).

Hookup all plumbing and heating lines. - $17,000.00

Electrical Hookup

Install 200 amp panel (shipped with house), connect circuits not wired to panel at factory.

Connect to local electric service.- $5,000.00

Interior Button-Up and tie-ins

Install interior doors on "marriage wall", build basement stairs, touch-up drywall.- $5,000.00

Decks & Porches

Build decks and/or porches (labor and materials provided by homeowner)

Decks front and rear - standard size in pressure treated wood - $12,500.00

drywall work for connecting wall - $2,000.00

siding (materials will be included but not all comes installed) - $5,000.00

flooring tie ins - $1,500.00

appliances - $3,000.00

basement ceiling insulation - $1,800.00

Pre-set work to be ready to accept the home- include sill plates and lally columns - $8,500.00

Foundation Certificate $1,200.00

Builders Risk Policy for bank $1,000.00

Miscellaneous Expenses

Plan for unanticipated expenses. -$25,000.00

Other items not budgeted above to keep in mind to set aside funds for:

Landscaping & Loam
Driveway - determined after house location is set
Garage & Garage Doors
Lot Clearing